Altria and its tobacco companies stood alone within the tobacco industry in support of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (FSPTCA).

We believe that regulation can provide significant benefits to adult tobacco consumers by:

  • Establishing a common set of rules for all tobacco manufacturers and importers doing business in the U.S.;
  • Providing a way to evaluate potentially less harmful tobacco products; and
  • Creating guidelines for accurate and scientifically grounded communications about tobacco products to adult tobacco consumers.

We believe this legislation offers significant benefits to the tobacco industry. By supporting FDA regulation, we hope to provide leadership to help resolve many of the issues that concern the public, our consumers, the public health community and our tobacco companies, including establishing guidance for harm reduction efforts.


Altria believes that regulation is best achieved through an approach that draws upon the expertise of all stakeholders, including the regulated industry. Industry experience and expertise is a valuable resource to the FDA to develop reasonable regulations. Even though we believe there are some provisions that exceed constitutional limits, we supported the enactment of the FSPTCA. We want to work with the FDA as it establishes a comprehensive national regulatory framework while we remain in full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. We share information with the FDA through written submissions, presentations and other communications on a variety of important issues including:

  • the need for science- and evidence-based decision making;
  • harm reduction opportunities;
  • tobacco product innovations; and
  • the legality of advertising and marketing rules.