On April 27th, The Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum (GTNF) hosted a diverse group of stakeholders to participate in the "In Focus: Tobacco Harm Reduction" virtual conference. Dr. Maria Gogova, our Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer participated on a panel entitled "The Evidence for Tobacco Harm Reduction: Dispelling the Myths." Panelists included public health and policy experts and representatives from industry.

In her presentation and the Q & A session, Maria talked about the importance of product innovation and science in advancing harm reduction, consumer motivations and barriers to switching from cigarettes to noncombustible products, and the importance of a pragmatic regulatory framework to review and authorize product applications submitted by manufacturers to FDA.

Maria also emphasized that a key to advancing tobacco harm reduction is to correct widely held misperceptions about nicotine and shared her view of the roles of different stakeholders in that effort.

Watch Maria’s presentation and panel discussion at www.infocusthr.org.