Tobacco harm reduction can only be successful if smokers find less risky products satisfying. We continue to believe that no one single product platform is likely to satisfy adult smokers. Rather, we focus on offering a range of product forms and non-combustible platforms that have demonstrated that they can convert adult smokers.

The U.S. market today offers the most diverse tobacco product choices anywhere in the world. Through our companies and our strategic partners, we've invested in delivering the most compelling portfolio of non-combustible products to adult smokers.

We focus on meeting three important consumer expectations:

  • Superior sensory experiences and nicotine satisfaction;
  • Reduced health risks and accurate relative risk information; and,
  • The ability to avoid social friction associated with cigarettes, such as smoke odor, ash and social isolation.

Non-combustible Platforms We've invested in three non-combustible platforms that have the potential to drive adult smoker conversion from cigarettes. These include:

Smokeless & Other Oral
Nicotine Containing Product


Heated Tobacco



We intend to offer the most satisfying and diverse choices for adult smokers – of both ours and competitive brands. Our marketing approach is designed to increase awareness and incent trial of non-combustible products by adult smokers.

We respect consumers' rights to make informed decisions about their product choices. As more relative-risk information is communicated about different products, it's our hope that many adult smokers will convert to them.

We see this as a compelling opportunity for adult smokers, public health, and our business. We see lower-risk products as a complement to cessation and prevention strategies and, when combined, can accelerate reductions in smoking-related diseases.