Science is at the core of Altria’s approach to Tobacco Harm Reduction. Our investment in research and technology supports our work on smoke-free platforms and the science needed for product applications submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Our regulatory science team generates the scientific evidence needed to demonstrate that certain tobacco products result in lower exposure to harmful compounds or are lower risk when compared to conventional cigarettes. We’ve been at the forefront of developing new methodologies to assess the health impact of potentially reduced-risk tobacco products.

Our scientists continue to publish extensively in this area.  We share our research on this website and regularly invite scientific review from, and dialogue with, scientists and the public health and regulatory communities. Learn more about our public Communications & Engagement.

Our Scientists

We invest in the core science needed to demonstrate that smoke-free products are, in fact, less harmful than cigarettes. We have recruited scientists globally, from many different disciplines, who share the common goal of tobacco harm reduction.

Submit Your Idea

To develop a compelling portfolio of reduced harm products, we combine the skills of our scientists, engineers and product developers. We believe true innovation involves collaboration and engagement. If you have a concept, methodology or other technology you would like to share, visit the Altria Open Innovation Portal.

Conducting the Science

Microscope and test tubes being used in analyzing

Analytical Science

Characterizing the physical and chemical properties of our products.
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Pre-clinical Science

Conducting toxicological studies and risk assessments of products, ingredients, manufacturing processes and materials as well as packaging.
Scientist in white lab coat writing at  a counter with test tubes

Clinical Science

Investigating the potential exposure effects of tobacco products on the individual.
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Population Science

Conducting behavioral studies to understand risk perception, comprehension, likelihood of use among among different segments of the U.S. population, and characterizing product use patterns.
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Modeling &  Simulation

The Modeling & Simulation team uses computational and predictive methods to provide insights, scientific evidence and recommendations for decision making during product lifecycles.