Our companies have a long history of leading the industry. Today, adult tobacco consumers are increasingly seeking new options, including those that reduce risk, and their preferences are likely to continue to evolve at an increasing rate. They also want products that address social frictions like tobacco smoke and the odor and ash that comes with it.

That's why we're leveraging the resources across our companies, and through strategic investments, to offer the most diverse portfolio of products to satisfy evolving adult preferences and convert smokers to lower risk products.

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Our Approach to Harm Reduction

The FDA has regulatory authority over all tobacco products. And the FDA distinguishes between the harm associated with combustible versus non-combustible products.

Tobacco Product Applications

Millions of adults use tobacco products, despite efforts to persuade people never to start or to quit once they do. For these adult tobacco consumers who cannot or will not quit using tobacco products, reduced risk tobacco products offer an opportunity to reduce the harm associated with tobacco use, particularly cigarette smoking.